Dog Boarding
​Hours and Rates

west shore
rates are for ALL DOGS SIZES

Regular Kennel
- 6' X 6' Inside kennel
- 6' X 20' Outdoor run

-web cam available for $3.00 a day
Viewing times 8 am to 4 pm limited availability

$31.00 per night
$19.00 per night 2nd dog in same kennel
$11.00 per night 3rd dog in same kennel

Jr. Suites
- 12' X 6' Inside kennel
- 12' X 20' Outdoor run
web cam

Viewing times 8 am to 4 pm

$42.00 per night 1st dog
$24.00 per night 2nd dog in same Jr. Suite
$16.00 per night 3rd dog in same Jr. Suite

Pricing is subject to change at any time
Hours for Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Monday - Friday
8am to 11am
3pm to7pm

8am to 11am

4pm to 6pm
May 30th - September 10th
New Year's, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas

We offer Day Boarding as well!

Drop-Off: 7am - 11am (Day Boarding only)
Pick-Up: 3pm - 7pm 

Monday - Friday only

$12.00 a day
2nd pet $6.00

Your Pets Health & Safety
Is Our Top Priority

Certification from a veterinarian is required for each of our guests before a reservation can be made and no less the ten days before any boarding or grooming service.

Required Dog Vaccines

Must have certificate signed by veterinarian
Kennel Cough
DHLPP or similar vaccine

Dog License
Recommended to have a Yearly or Life time license with your dog.
You may also provide us with a copy to add to your dogs account. 

E-Mail Vaccine Records to [email protected] 

Our staff understands that some pets my have special needs. Please discuss any special requirements with us when making your reservation and remind us again at drop-off. Most special needs are catered to at no extra charge.

Can Be Accommodated:

Cannot Be Accommodated:

Oral, topical, ect.
Medicated Baths
Special Meal Preparation
Special Handling Care
fee maybe applied, ex: hospital boarding fee
Food, treat, and/or water from home

Individual Playtime ("Run and Fun")

- Our doggie playtime area is a 1250 square foot grass enclosure surrounded by trees that will provide shade for your puppy throughout the day!

- The cool down area features a puppy splash pool & doggie misting station for your pet's enjoyment!

- We have a large variety of play items for your puppy to choose from including Frisbees, balls, & other pet toys!

- Playtime is a 20 minute, one-on-one session with a member of our kennel staff. Each session is $10.00. Playtime is provided by request of the owner, prior to the kennel visit.

Other Important Information

- We encourage you to use our blankets for your dogs and cats because they are easier to wash and replace if necessary. All rabbits & other exotics must have their own bedding, water/food supplies, and cage equipment for the pet’s stay. We do provide clean food & water bowls daily for dogs and cats at our kennel.

- We serve Hill’s Science Diet© brand pet food at our kennel. Some pets do not adjust well to a new food and may develop diarrhea with this food change. You are welcome to bring your pet’s own food to our kennel for their stay.  

- If your pet requires medications, we do ask that you bring the original prescription containers to insure correct dosages.   

- While a lack of a dog license will not prohibit you from boarding your pet at our facility, please be aware that dog wardens routinely inspect boarding kennels in our state. If your dog is boarded at our kennel on a day in which a random inspection is conducted, Noah’s is not responsible for any ensuing citation or fines imposed by the dog warden.